Bob Hoffman, A Very Special Amigo, Retires
By Shirley Dettoff

It has been a privilege for the Amigos de Bolsa Chica to have been connected with Bob Hoffman for over 40 years. If the wetlands ever needed to have a good friend, it was Bob. He has been associated with the Bolsa Chica Wetlands from the very beginning as a citizen of Huntington Beach, a staff member with the National Marine Fisheries, a decision maker for the acquisition and restoration of the wetland, and most recently employed by Merkel and Associates. He also attended all of the National Fish & Wildlife Steering Committee meetings. He did aerial photography using a drone aircraft to monitor sand deposition in the tidal inlet which let the Committee know the current issues with maintenance of the tidal inlet.

I think that having someone who always did what was right, never being afraid of telling the truth and always making sure that his decisions were based on scientific evidence helped the Amigos save Bolsa Chica. There were times when he had to go up against the popular beliefs, and to say, “slow down” we need more factual information. He never wavered in his support of the Amigos and what we were trying to achieve. If we had a question, we could always rely on the information he provided; truth would be his foundation.

Bob has devoted his adult life to this wetland, and now that he is retiring, we only hope his future is as bright as his many years of service. He can spend more time with his orchids and his family. We will, however, have lost a citizen of Huntington Beach as he is moving to south Orange County.

We could always go to Bob for an update on what was happening in the wetlands and what direction we should take. Hopefully he will still answer our e-mails and phone calls, and we will not lose either a friend or someone with vast scientific knowledge.