A Glorious History and Legacy

by Shirley Dettloff

As most of you know, Dr. David Carlberg, President of the Amigos de Bolsa Chica and former professor at Long Beach State University has written the definitive history of the Bolsa Chica and the role the Amigos played: "Bolsa Chica - Its History from Prehistoric Times to the Present and What Citizen Involvement and Perseverance Can Achieve". This is a must read for all Amigos members as you will not only learn many new things about our history, but you will relive your role in making what we thought was an impossible dream become reality.

On April 30, 120 people gathered at the Huntington Beach Library to hear Dave speak about his book, giving his audience many interesting facts. I think that everyone was surprised at what they learned about Bolsa Chica. Several came up to me during the evening and let me know how pleased they were that Dave had finally written the book we all wanted written. As time passes, the history of a place is sometimes misrepresented because of faulty memories, inaccurate facts, and rumors that may or may not be true. Dave is a published author and his writing skills are excellent. Most importantly, he did the research, spending hours in the various libraries and museums to make sure that he was presenting the facts. He also lived much of this history (although I am not saying he was around during the ice age!) He presents the facts and much more. This book not only gives us factual information, it tells how a group of individuals came together and worked tirelessly for over 30 years to accomplish their goal...saving the Bolsa Chica Wetlands.

The book can be purchased online at www.amigosdebolsachica.org, or by calling the Amigos office, and at various locations in Huntington Beach. Currently the Huntington Beach Library, the Surf City Shop on the Pier, California Greetings on Main St., the Bolsa Chica Conservancy, the Springdale Country Store (Springdale and Edinger) and the Country Store at 5 Points Plaza all are carrying the book. If you want to learn even more than you thought you knew about Bolsa Chica, buy the book and treat yourself to not only an enjoyable read, but the real story of Bolsa Chica.