Mini-update for Key Species at Bolsa Chica
By Kelly O’Reilly

June 28, 2017. Western Snowy Plover: nest total = 114; total chicks hatched = 223; total fledglings = 39. California Least Tern: nest total = 177; only Nest Site 1 is currently active, nest Sites 2 and 3 were abandoned due to pressure from avian predators (Cooper's hawks, American kestrels and a red-tailed hawk). We've seen a few CLTE fledglings this week: 2 to 3 on NS1 and 2 in the muted tidal basins surrounding NS2. Large terns: Many thousands of Elegant Terns on North Tern Island (NTI) as well as on the mudflats within Bolsa Basin.