Good News for Inlet in State Budget
By Shirley Dettloff

As you learned in the last edition of the Tern Tide, funding for the tidal inlet dredging was in jeopardy for the 2018 dredging cycle. This is extremely important! The channel must be kept open if the wetlands are to remain healthy and viable. The State Lands Commission had put a request for one million dollars in the state budget so that the 2018 dredging could be done. Luckily the State Legislature agreed that the request for one million for dredging was important. The Governor agreed as well, and he signed the budget. The Amigos, as well as the Bolsa Chica Land Trust and the Bolsa Chica Conservancy were all a part of this effort, sending letters of support and meeting with their local elected officials convincing them that this was the right thing to do.

We still have work to do. Now we must make sure that there is always money to do what needs to be done for restoration and making sure that the inlet is always open for ocean waters to flow directly into the wetlands. The committee of all three NGO’s continues to meet and will do all that the Bolsa Chica Steering Committee and the State Lands Commission feels is necessary. Currently the Land Trust has submitted two grant applications which, if granted, will provide funding for a study on the best ways to keep the tidal inlet open, hopefully reducing the cost. Then we will all have to join efforts to secure a source of funding that is sustainable and one that does not require yearly efforts. If the wetland is to remain healthy, then keeping the tidal inlet open is of the highest priorities.