Amigos Welcomes New Board of Director Members
By Thomas Anderson

In March, Bill Stern was invited to join the board of directors. Bill spends half the year in his native Minnesota and half in Huntington Beach. He’s been a volunteer in both locations. With his long history of volunteer work (see his article, “Why I Volunteer” on page 3), he has already brought a unique and welcome perspective of dedication to the organization.

In June, Joana Tavares was invited to join the board of directors. Joana became involved with Amigos de Bolsa Chica in 2011, when, as part of a grant, she was hired to develop curriculum that expanded Amigos’ education program’s focus to include the importance of the ocean’s connection to the wetland. Since we wouldn’t have coastal wetlands without the ocean, Joana’s experience in marine biology, specifically phytoplankton, led to the creation of our FLOW program.

As the source of half the planet’s oxygen as well as the basis of the ocean food web, Earth’s vast array of life would be unlikely to exist without phytoplankton. Increasing everyone’s awareness about the simplicity and complexity of this fact through citizen science is the thrust of FLOW. Who—besides Joana—knew the study of phytoplankton could be both interesting and fun? As FLOW completes its fourth school year and our Whale Tail grant funding ends, Joana begins her work in the PhD. program at UC Irvine with a focus on citizen science. Pretty nice coincidence for the Amigos!